Our warehousing services

With over 30 sites and 9 million sq. ft. of warehousing in the UK, Great Bear provides a wide range of ambient warehousing

Our solutions include dedicated and shared-user facilities, as well as a range of specialist services such as bonded warehousing, COMAH warehousing, on-site factory warehousing, seasonal overflow storage and MHRA approved facilities for the storage of healthcare products.

Our solutions encompass:

Large-scale design and build projects

National and regional dedicated distribution centres

Shared-user solutions, from 500 to 90,000 pallets

Primary Consolidation Centres with multiple suppliers

Semi-automated and high-level storage capabilities

Managed ambient and ambient environments

Mechanical and manual handling expertise

Complex picking and stock management expertise

Great Bear takes a flexible approach to business, providing a solution that is right for the customer. Our commercial approach is designed to meet each customer’s needs; providing service level confidence and alignment with their own business.

We have over 25 years of transfer and start-up experience for a wide variety of customers and solutions. Our capability in project management and delivery of tailored solutions is proven, as is the quality of our operating centres.

Retail consolidation centres offer a cost-effective,
flexible and environmentally-friendly solution to
retail suppliers.

Multiple suppliers store products in our retail consolidation centres prior to deliveries into the retailer networks.

Our approach delivers benefits to both suppliers and retailers alike…

  • Great Bear supplier collection network – efficient and cost-effective
  • Suppliers benefit from economies of scale by Great Bear storing and delivering their products alongside similar businesses
  • Retailers benefit from receiving full loads into their network
  • Solution scalability provides suppliers with room to grow and a robust approach to managing seasonal peaks
  • Promotes sustainability through reduced ‘product miles’
  • Centralised ordering and ‘call-off’ for retailers

To find out more about our Primary Consolidation Centres and how our approach could help your business, just get in touch…

Export Warehousing

Great Bear is the perfect export partner. We offer export warehousing scale and capability with the same focus and personal attention of a
boutique service provider.

Businesses require a service provider that can handle their domestic and export requirements. That’s why we provide export and management
services to some of the world’s largest brands.

We currently undertake a number of export services
for our valued customers, including:

Shared-user and dedicated warehousing

Specialist co-pack activity for export markets, including re-labelling and boxing

Export container stuffing

Customs and export process management

Freight management and procurement

Other Services

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Great Bear Distribution provides shared user and dedicated transport solutions to a wide variety of customers.

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