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Safety is an essential element of a successful and sustainable business. Great Bear takes its responsibility to protect employees, visitors and contractors very seriously.

We operate large scale logistics activities based at a number of our customers’ warehouse and manufacturing facilities and we can demonstrate our commitment to working with them to help continuously improve performance:

  • Collaborating and developing safer operating processes and procedures
  • Sharing best practice
  • Providing modern equipment with enhanced safety features
  • Involvement in forums and audits

Great Bear recognises that in order to achieve the highest levels of safety performance it is vital to engage its employees at all levels across the organisation. We do all we can to keep our workplaces safe and healthy.  It is an area in which we aim to improve continuously and measurably, year on year – we make this happen by putting employees’ well-being at the heart of our culture.

‘Employees and employers have to work together and take responsibility for a safe and healthy workplace.’

Safety Awards and Accreditation