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Our People

We operate in a demanding business sector and our expectations, and those of our customers, are extremely high. In order to deliver on our promises to our clients, we have talented and passionate people at every level in the organisation.

Our business has been built around our people and our values. The development of Great Bear has been supported entirely by the quality of our people, the leadership they demonstrate and the values they hold. Growth has enabled us to fast-track talent within our business and attract high-calibre staff to add different skills and strengths to support our development.

We are seen as progressive and modern in our approach, and fundamentally believe that our people can achieve beyond their own expectations given the right environment and encouragement.

Individuals who add real value, and contribute to the success of our business, are recognised, rewarded and encouraged to develop their career further within Great Bear. A large number of our employees have progressed through the business in this way, and we continually strive to create opportunities for those deserving of advancement.

Our staff retention is second to none.

“We are extremely proud of everyone who works with us. Good people thrive at Great Bear.”